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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our first priority. We strive to keep all of your data encrypted, secure and confidential at all times. Immigration TS specialize in processing and submitting applications for government visa and travel programs. Please also read our Terms & Conditions page to learn how (ITS) does business.


Immigration TS is not a government agency.


All information and data collected from the website and from application forms submitted to Immigration TS is considered highly confidential and will never be shared with any third parties other than government agencies and payment processors in specific circumstances.



We do not sell data or use cookies on the website to collect data about applicants

Data Collection

Data on this site is collected from email inquiries and from applications submitted by interested parties. Encrypted data collected on this site may be used in the following ways:

  1. Your email address and confidential personal data is used for the sole purpose of executing your requested services.

Application Forms

Immigration TS application forms only contain data required by the government to process an immigration visa or check eligibility and data accuracy for a traveler program and is encrypted and secure at all times.

Application forms submitted via this website by clients who have paid our service fee are kept on secure encrypted servers for 380 days for fraud and payment protection purposes. All data is stored in secure encrypted databases and is accessed in the event of a Payment dispute against Immigration TS. In this event the application and your personal data may be uploaded to Payment processors to prove the applicants consent to Immigration TS at the time of receiving payment.

Application forms submitted via this website by clients who do not pay our service fee are kept for 30 days in the anticipation that the applicant will make the appropriate payment. After this time the application is automatically deleted from our encrypted databases or manually deleted/destroyed, where applications have been submitted by mail or fax.

Applications from applicants who correctly cancel their service with Immigration TS according to our cancellation and refund policy are deleted from our encrypted databases immediately or manually destroyed (5 WORKING DAYS).

Note: We never print paper copies of any electronically encrypted or faxed application forms


Child Applicants

We only accept applications from child (under 18) applicants if accompanied by payment authorization from parents or legal guardians. All of our application forms have a section for parental consent. All communication from Immigration TS relating to a child applicant is conducted via the registered e-mail of the registered parent or legal guardian.


Credit Card Information

Credit card information is used solely for the purpose described on the application forms. Staff members processing an applicant’s credit card data are heavily monitored. Immigration TS does not allow staff to copy stored credit card information.

Emails from applicants containing credit card details are deleted immediately on completion of services. This does not include emails containing credit card information on a Immigration TS application form.

Telephone Support

Immigration TS help process and submit your application as contracted and will confirm certification, application number and profile login details by email. For all inquiries and status questions, you should call Customs and Border Protection External Support on Tel:+1. 866 530 4172 quoting your application number provided in your confirmation email.


Respecting Your Privacy

All employees are highly trained in Immigration TS privacy policy and are regulated, committed and individually mandated to protecting your personal information.

We respect your privacy by not operating a dedicated inbound call center. Our staff members are not authorized to communicate with clients in any other way than by registered email addresses or outbound calls in response to a Clients question or to chase up missing information and/or service payment fees. Immigration TS limit all outbound calls to exceptional circumstances and only to registered telephone numbers. Immigration TS will make no exception to outbound calling non registered telephone numbers under any circumstance.

Data Security

We ensure that all data sent to Immigration TS is protected, encrypted and secure from unauthorized access at all times. We use appropriate physical and electronic management procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Such procedures include the latest in encryption technology and firewall protection.

If you have a specific question about our privacy policy, please email us: Contact US